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How to remove urine odours and other organic smells

Organic odours are often considered to be the most stubborn type of odour, but what odours actually fall under this umbrella?


Urine, perspiration, vomit, sweat, faeces, grease and mildew are all organic odours. When left untreated, they really can become problematic during the odour removal stage. Wondering how to remove urine odours caused by pet pee accidents? PowAir has the perfect odour removers for you! Not only that but we are also home to several all natural odour neutraliser products. Our products are all natural odour neutralisers helping to effectively and safely eliminate urine odours caused by pet accidents.

If you have kids – or fur-babies! – , you’ll probably be all too familiar with the lingering, intolerable smell of the above odours and the daunting task of trying to rid them from your carpets, beds and upholstery post pee accident. Often, it can seem an impossible task when trying to safely eliminate urine odours, and we find ourselves spending money on multiple cleaning products (and even home remedies), in search of a solution. If you do find yourself reaching for the kitchen cupboards, it’s best to avoid vinegar as this can actually entice pets into soiling/urinating in the area further.


There are a number of steps you can take to prevent accidents/spillages from permanently damaging your belongings. For example, if bed wetting is a problem, it would be worth considering the use of a mattress protector.


During the puppy training stage, puppy pads can assist in keeping ‘accidents’ confined to one area, making for easier cleaning. Nonetheless, we know that accidents are sometimes inevitable!

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So, how do I safely eliminate urine odours?

Because organic odours are primarily made up of biological molecules, only an enzymatic based cleaner will suffice. Enzymatic cleaners are non-toxic cleaning agents which break down any odourous volatile organic compounds; removing the need for harmful chemicals and other toxic agents within the home or workplace; great news for those of us with kids and pets, who we find are generally more at risk around harmful chemicals. 

With that being said, it’s important to choose a high quality enzymatic cleaner when it comes to odour removal. Take into consideration the percentage of bacterial enzyme within the product. PowAir Penetrator spray has one of the highest counts compared to similar products on the market, and is completely free of chemicals. Hurrah! Perfect to eliminate urine odours!

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PowAir Penetrator is an all natural odour neutraliser that can be safely used on both porous and solid materials. Some of these materials include cloth, textiles, upholstery, carpet, wood and concrete. Penetrator removes offensive odours at speed. Before applying, it’s important to clean the area as soon as accidents and spillages occur, soaking up as much excess ‘liquid’ as possible. By doing this, you lessen the risk of permanent staining. Once the area is clear of any residue, spray PowAir Penetrator directly onto the site. Leave to absorb and when it comes to tougher/older odours, repeat as necessary.


The PowAir range has a number of products to tackle your everyday odour problems. An all natural odour neutraliser range that is both pet friendly and vegan. What’s not to love?!