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Flood Odours Affecting your Home? Say Goodbye to Damp Musty Smells!

Anyone who has had the misfortune of suffering a flood in their home or workplace know that the resulting flood odours can be extremely unpleasant. Long after water levels drop, damp musty rotting smells contribute to an overwhelming smell of dampness in the home and these smells can linger long after a clear up has been initiated.

Fortunately PowAir have the solution to flood odour problems and have a number of products that are perfect for removing the odour from the air and fabrics.

Using PowAir Gel will destroy the molecules that are present in the air, seeking and destroying even the most stubborn odours. Other products have automated odour control with times bursts of odour neutraliser, while others are used to remove odours from fabrics and  water damaged carpets.

Rather than just masking the odour, PowAir particles neutralise the odour molecules; removing the smell from the air permanently.

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