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Back to School Prep with PowAir

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The back to school prep has begun and as you start to pack your child’s backpack, you may notice some foul rucksack odours that have been left to linger over the summer. Whether you need to urgently remove sweat smells from clothes, food odours from that forgotten packed lunch or football boot smells, we have your back! Conquer backpack smells with PowAir.

Rucksack Odours

Over the upcoming school year, there is no doubt that backpack smells will become present, particularly when it comes to the food and drink that is being carried inside of the bag all day. Whether it’s squashed fruit or a dated sandwich that has been forgotten about, leaving them to sit in the bottom of the rucksack will cause some serious odours to develop over time.


Not to worry! Here at PowAir we understand that mistakes happen. That’s why we consider PowAir Spray to be a back to school essential. Eliminate those nasty odours safely and permanently with PowAir Spray. An odour eliminator with a proven, industrial strength formula that is infused with natural essential oils. This is not a masking agent or air freshener. PowAir is a powerful, scientifically formulated blend of natural essential oils, designed to eliminate a wider spectrum of smells, more than any other odour neutraliser.

removing sweat smells from clothes - rucksack odours - powair spray - odour neutraliser

There really is no need to purchase a new school bag as odours start to develop when you have PowAir. Tackle those rucksack odours with a fragrance of Tropical Breeze, Passion Fruit or Apple Crumble. Which fragrance will you choose?

football boot smells - removing sweat smell from clothes - powair sport - odour neutraliser
Sports Bag Odours

Without a doubt, when your child returns to school, they will be encouraged to take part in extra-curricular sporting activities. Taking part in multiple sports a week leads to sweaty odours generating onto your kids­ gear. Not only that, but carrying around this sweaty sports gear all day only allows for these smells to grow stronger and cling to their wider belongings within their bag.


Fortunately enough, PowAir has the solution to removing sweat smells from clothes and sporting gear! With its enzymatic formula, PowAir Sport uses a powerful blend of natural essential oils and high-performance enzymes to safely eliminate odours caused by bacteria, sweat and organic materials. Whether you are tackling football boot smells, or odours in shin pads, helmets or gym bags, PowAir Sport has your back. Use wherever and whenever you please.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Although this product is biodegradable and safe to use on sporting equipment, athletic apparel, footwear, gym bags and more, we recommend testing the product on a small, hidden area before use to ensure no damage is caused.

Complete your back to school prep with help from PowAir. Whether you are removing sweat smells from clothes with PowAir Sport or eliminating backpack smells with PowAir Spray, we’ve got you covered!

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