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Natural Odour Neutraliser
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PowAir Penetrator

Dual action formulation, utilising the highest performance enzymes in the industry offering unrivalled odour neutralisation capabilities.

PowAir Blocks

The PowAir’s Block is suitable to be used to tackle a wide range of odour problems, creating a cleaner and fresher smelling environment.

  • PowAir Natural Odour Neutraliser Gels 400g & 732g

    PowAir Gel

  • Use PowAir Liquid as a natural home fragrance for simple household odour elimination and pet smell removal

    PowAir Liquid

  • PowAir Urine Stain and Odour Removal Spray

    PowAir Urine and Odour

  • PowAir Pet Safe and Cruelty Free 170g Blocks

    PowAir Block


Nature's Odour Neutraliser

PowAir is a powerful, natural odour neutraliser, created with a blend of essential oils and formulated to eliminate a wide spectrum of smells. You can use PowAir to eliminate any unwanted odours. It is guaranteed to work and is completely safe to use around your pets and family. Available in various forms, PowAir provides a safe and effective solution for every situation.


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The ingredients in PowAir are naturally derived from plants throughout the world – offering safe odour removal.


PowAir offers guaranteed odour removal of even the toughest odour control problems. If you have an odour problem, we have the solution.

Available in all shapes and sizes.

PowAir is available in many different sizes and forms, covering all your odour removal needs. From large scale, to small scale – we have you covered. 

Our Dispensers

Sometimes increased, or automated odour deodorising is required. PowAir have a range of dispensers to suit all requirements.

available in 3 fantastic scents

PowAir is available in 3 amazing scents, whilst all have the same odour neutralising capabilities.

tropical breeze

Apple crumble

passion fruit

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