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Where to Use PowAir

Removing Unwanted Odours Permanently with PowAir


Due to PowAir’s excellent odour neutralisation capabilities and different forms, sizes and dispenser types, this odour removal product can be used in a vast array of different situations from home use to industrial applications. Below are a list of some of the most popular applications in which PowAir is currently employed, however as this product kills almost all known odours, the application can be applied to almost any odorous problem.


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Pet Odours

Pet odours such as cat urine, dog urine, and other forms of pet odours are hard to remove and particularly unpleasant as people are not used to being exposed to the natural odour of a non-human species living in close proximity to them. Dogs can naturally produce some particularly bad smells, however, they may also introduce other smells such as a result of an infection, skin disease or other disorder. Dogs may even become contaminated with odours from other sources in their environment. Eliminate these bad smells permanently using PowAir odour neutraliser. This product does not mask the odour like other pet odour removal products, but completely removes it from the air using a scientifically advanced blend of natural essential oils. No matter if your problem is dog urine in the carpet, cat urine in your front porch, or pet odours in your car, this odour neutraliser will remove the odour permanently while leaving behind the fresh scent of your choice. PowAir is completely safe to use around people and pets. For more information please click here
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Block, PowAir Spray, PowAir Mist, PowAir Gel, PowAir Mist Dispenser.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is a very obnoxious odour that has the potential to affect almost every surface it comes into contact with, clinging to it and remaining for a considerable amount of time. If you have just moved into a house which used to have smokers, or if you currently smoke in your home, the chances are you will be aware of the stale smell that smoking creates. Even leaving windows open for a considerable amount of time can appear to have little impact. Fortunately our odour neutraliser products have the ability to neutralise the smell of these smoke particles leaving the air smelling fresh. Whether it be in your car, home, boat or apartment the smell can be permanently removed and thanks to the range of PowAir products they can cater for almost any cigarette smoke odour problem. What’s more if you have carpets, curtains and upholstery that is suffering from cigarette smoke this can be addressed with the PowAir Spray or through washing with diluted PowAir liquid. For more information please click here
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Block, PowAir Spray, PowAir Mist, PowAir Gel, PowAir Mist Dispenser.

Burnt Smells

Burnt smells can be very stubborn due to the smoke caused from the burning item having a tendency to pervade the entire house, becoming absorbed by carpets, upholstery and fabrics in the process. Often the odour can linger for days and weeks, even with the windows being left open. Because the odour becomes deeply embedded into the fabrics, simply masking the odour will not work, and instead an odour neutraliser is needed to completely remove the smell from the house. The founder of PowAir was a Vancouver firefighter when he initially became interested in finding a safe and natural method for eliminating the nasty odours these chemicals leave behind when there has been a major fire. He was aware of the chemicals most commonly used at the time to mask, reduce or eliminate the odour emissions, however he also knew these chemicals had toxic properties that could cause health risks to those people that used them. After extensive research is was found that the odour neutralisation capabilities of essential oils appeared very promising, and soon afterwards a close relationship was formed with a chemist who had 25 years of applied research into this field. Working closely together they perfected the special formula which is now a trade secret, but most importantly, it was strong enough to use in industrial applications but safe to use around people, pets and plants.
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Gel, PowAir Breeze, PowAir Cyclone

Sports Changing Rooms

Sports changing rooms can become very odourous environments in a short space of time. The contributing factors to these odours can come from a number of different sources including body odour, through the sweat that athletes perspire, old stale sports kits and gym bags that get left inside lockers, mould and mildew smells coming from the showering area or tiled floors, sports equipment odours and foot odours. Leisure centre changing rooms and health clubs are places that need safe and effective odour control more than any other. In using PowAir odour neutraliser products, these bad smells can be completely eliminated, safely and effectively. All PowAir products are  safe to use around people and animals.
Recommended PowAir products: Depends on the size of the changing room and the frequency of use. PowAir blocks are ideal for leaving inside a locker to neutralise any smells left from sports equipment being in the locker. For a small sized locker room a small PowAir gel would be sufficient, for larger changing rooms a PowAir Breeze fan may be necessary.

Carpet, Curtains & Upholstery

Carpets couches and curtains are there to make your home look pretty and feel more comfortable, and are placed in a houses visible areas as they raise the properties aesthetic value. The problem is that once they are left uncleaned for a while, they can develop bad smells which tarnishes your homes pristine environment, especially if you smoke or if you own a pet. Washing these items does not always remove the bad odour and persistent odours can be very difficult to remove. These odours can signal the presence of moulds and mildew, whose organisms latch on to the moist areas of your fabric which can come from humid weather or not drying thoroughly after washing. The fibrous surfaces are absorbent, so in most cases, the moulds form within or at the bottom of the carpet. Pet urine and waste are just as notorious, since their scents stick hard to the fibres. When removing carpet odours, be sure to target all the areas, otherwise the odours may return at any time. Using PowAir spray or PowAir liquid diluted with water and washed into the fabric, the odours can be permanently removed.
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Spray.

Hotel Rooms

A number of odour problems can exist in hotel rooms and it is important to remove these smells between guests stays in the room. Whether it be a persons body odour, food they have been eating, or if they have disobeyed smoking rules, no one wants to book a hotel room and find it to smell anything but clean. Fortunately, PowAir odour neutraliser is at hand to remove these bad smells from the air permanently and quickly. As PowAir is not a masking agent the product will permanently eliminate the smell from the room, whether the smell be a pungent odour or a mild smell. Use a PowAir mist dispenser for regulated odour neutralisation, or if an instant odour removal is required then spray PowAir spray into the air where the problem is present.
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Spray, PowAir Mist, PowAir Mist Dispenser, PowAir Block

Hospitals, Care Homes and Nursing Homes

As people age, odours increase, but they don’t have to be ignored. Odours are also a problem with patients whose ailments aren’t age related, but still can cause unwanted smells. PowAir odour neutraliser can effectively eliminate the odours associated with elders and health care permanently and safely. PowAir uses a natural, essential oil based formula that is safe to use around patients and can be used when instant odour neutralisation is required. Eliminating these odours helps to make a better impression, as visiting family members will often make assumptions about the quality and cleanliness of your nursing home based in part on how it smells. And odours that annoy staff members might even turn away potential patients or people looking for a nursing home. Your facility should smell as clean as it looks, and if you are suffering from odour problems in the workplace, look no further than PowAir odour neutralising agent to permanently eliminate any smells from the air.
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Mist, PowAir Spray, PowAir Mist Dispenser, PowAir Gel, PowAir Cyclone, PowAir Breeze, PowAir Block

New Homes & Flats

Odour problems can often exist in newly purchased homes or in homes that are being rented out. There are a number of different sources for these bad smells including, damp/mouldy smells, pungent cooking odours, body odour smells and odours from pets. These odours have a habit of lingering and for anyone hoping to move in to a new property, or viewing a property for rent, this can be very off putting and affect the sale or rental of the property. Using PowAir odour neutraliser agent these odours can be removed from the property permanently and safely. PowAir is not a masking agent but a neutralisation agent, meaning the PowAir molecules bond to the odourous molecules to render them null and inert.
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Gel, PowAir Breeze, PowAir Mist, PowAir Mist Dispenser, PowAir Block, PowAir Spray

Mould, Damp & Mildew

Damp and mouldy smells in homes and garages can be a very unpleasant problem and are a extremely difficult smells to mask. Without finding the source of the damp and musty smells and taking the necessary steps to remove them at the source, these bad odours will remain. Fortunately with the use of PowAir odour neutraliser products these smells can be completely removed from the air while the odour neutralisation is taking place. Simply leave a Jar or Pail of PowAir gel open, and let the essential oils  evaporate and react with the odour particles to deactivate them, if a larger sized area needs to be treated then a larger jar of PowAir or an PowAir Breeze or PowAir Cyclone fan can be used to increase the distribution of the neutralising agent.
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Gel, PowAir Breeze, PowAir Cyclone.

Pubs & Nightclubs

PowAir is hugely popular in the pub and nightclub industry with these establishments often suffering from a wide range of different odour problems. Whether they be from previous years of smoking which has managed to get into the upholstery and paintwork, from the grease and cooking odours in the kitchens, spilt beer and alcohol into the carpets and floor or sweat and body odour from the dance floor and even vomit, the odour of pubs and clubs can be a very distinct and unpleasant aroma. This can ultimately lead to huge reductions in visitors and ultimately revenue as people avoid the outlet based on the reputation of the smell of the venue or venues toilets. Don’t let this happen to your establishment, remove the odours from the air permanently, safely and at speed with PowAir odour neutraliser.
Recommended Odour Products: PowAir Gel, PowAir Mist, PowAir Mist Dispenser, PowAir Breeze, PowAir Spray, PowAir Block

Public Toilets & Urine

Anyone who has been to a festival knows that portable toilets can end up smelling extremely bad, but you don’t just have to be at festivals, many job site portable toilets and public toilets can become foul smelling especially when less care and attention is devoted to them than in a household toilet. The urine and faeces odours are very unpleasant and difficult to remove from the environment. This can lead to people avoiding establishments and events purely due to the condition of the toilets and drive custom away. With the use of PowAir odour neutralising agents the foul smells associated with these public and portable toilets can be completely removed, giving a much more comfortable experience. Just place a block in the toilet, leave some gel exposed, or set up an odour mist dispenser to provide constant and controlled elimination of odours. Additionally these products are not just limited to eliminating odours from toilets but anywhere that urine odours are present.
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Spray, PowAir Mist, PowAir Mist Dispenser, PowAir Block, PowAir Gel


Cars, caravans and other motor homes can often build up objectionable odours, and due to the confined space of these vehicles these bad smells can be very difficult to remove. People who buy used cars can often find that an air freshener in the car was just masking the odour, and even new cars themselves can have unwanted odours from sources such as cleaning and lubricating compounds, paint, carpeting, leather and vinyl treatments, latex glue, and gasoline and exhaust fumes. No one plans for their car to stink, but sometimes it can just happen, whether it sneaks up on you like a cars musty smell that build after being left in storage in a damp garage, or if it hits you in the face with the stench of a rotting animal. Other sources of bad odours in cars include pet odours, especially dogs, and cigarette smoke odours. A smelly car is undesirable for obvious reasons, but stubborn stench’s can have effects that go beyond the immediate olfactory offence and can have an immediate impact on the resale value of your vehicle. As mentioned earlier, due to the confined nature of cars, and that they can be left to bake in the sunshine, these bad smells just wont go away without treatment. PowAir products are perfect for keeping the environment of your car pleasant and removing the bad smells from your car, whether you use continuous odour neutralisation with a block or the gel, or whether you use periodic neutralisation with the spray or mist.
Recommended PowAir Products: PowAir Spray, PowAir Mist, PowAir Block, PowAir Gel