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First Class Odour Remover
November 6, 2019

This odour remover is really excellent. I used it initially to remove a very musty smell from bathroom floorboards/joists and vinyl “fluffy-backed” floor covering, both of which had been soaked with serious shower over-spill for some weeks. Some of the timbers were not too far gone with wet rot so I left them in place. PowAir removed every last trace of the strong smell that had remained after drying-out.
I’ve since used PowAir to remove a putrid stench from an expensive tote bag that someone had left food in to rot (ugh!). It worked wonderfully. I wonder if there’s anything that PowAir doesn’t work on. Thank you for making a product that really does what is claimed in a world of advertising that so often exaggerates. I recommend unreservedly – not a thing I’ve ever done before for any product. Yes, I’m raving about this product and I have no vested interest in or personal relationship to PowAir. Buy some and see.