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I just wanted to contact you today to let you know how amazing your products have been for our house. We have a dog and he has a lot of allergies so I always struggled to find air/fabric fresheners for the house that didn’t irritate his allergies. I was recommended your products (the PowAir gel and PowAir penetrator spray) and I thought why not give it a go. I was amazed within’ one day of how amazing these products are. I’ve always been worried about having a ‘doggy smell’ in the house and my sister said that she couldn’t smell anything but freshness when she came to the house, I had only had the PowAir gel open for about 8 hours at this point. I tried the spray on Sonny’s downstairs bed and it was amazing, no doggy smells or anything! I now also use it on our sofa to keep it fresh. The best thing of all your products haven’t aggravated any of Sonny’s allergies.

Thanks for the awesome products, they have really made a difference in our home.

Gemma West May 1, 2018