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PowAir Mist


PowAir Mist releases a fine mist of odour neutraliser into the air instantly removing bad smells that it comes into contact with and leaving a pleasant fragrance in the air.


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PowAir Mist

Air-Freshener not working? Time to Use PowAir Mist

PowAir mist cans are great for instantly neutralising odours in your home or office, especially when the bad smell needs to be removed at speed. In convenient aerosol form you can stash them anywhere, or use with the PowAir mist dispenser for fully automated odour control.

PowAir Mist is a complex formula of essential oils – industrial strength, yet safe for home or business and can be used around people pets and plants. the mist eliminates airborne odours effectively and permanently.

It has a spray nozzle which is designed for use with the automatic PowAir Mist Dispenser or can be used as a hand held spray. Neutralise odours in homes, restaurants, bathrooms, hotel rooms, kitchens, smoking rooms, or any place in your home or small business facility. Use in bathrooms, entrances and public toilets with the Mist dispenser to continuously neutralise odours and leave a fresh scent in the air.

Eliminates Airborne Odours Cleanly & Effectively

It permanently eliminates almost any airborne odours, cleanly and effectively – binding directly with the odour molecules to render them null and inert and remove the odour permanently. Unlike air fresheners which can just mask the odour this is a true odour removal agent.

Safe to Use around Pets and in the Workplace

It is environmentally friendly, non toxic and easy to use, an industrial strength odour neutraliser, yet can be safely used around people pets and plants. This makes the product safe to use near children, pets and plants because its constituents are organic.

The mist comes conveniently packed in aerosol cans for use wherever odours occur. The cans hold 170 grams or 6 ounces, and are small enough to store practically anywhere. PowAir is very powerful and will neutralise odours in garages, restaurants  bathrooms, hotel rooms, kitchens, smoking rooms or any place in your home or small business facility suffering from unwanted odours. What’s more, with the use of the PowAir mist dispenser the odours can be removed continuously if the need for continuous neutralisation is required.

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Scents: PowAir Mist is available in Apple Crumble fragrance.

Sizes: Available in 170g size.

Weight: 0.26 Kg

Instructions for Use: Simply open lid and press down on nozzle to disperse a burst of odour neutraliser in the required location.The Mist aerosol is so powerful, that most often you only need one quick spray. Don’t overdo it! Alternatively the PowAir mist can be inserted into the mist dispenser with the appropriate timed settings.

Estimated Unit Life Time: When used with the mist dispenser (sold separately) Mist will release a burst of odour neutraliser for approximately 1 month at 7 minute intervals.

Applications: PowAir will neutralise almost any unwanted odour and with the Mist cans they make perfect applications in small home or business needs which can need instant odour removal, from odours in garages, restaurants, pet smells, carpet and upholstery, hotel rooms, toilets, kitchens and smoking rooms. The PowAir mist dispenser also makes the mist perfect in applications fighting continuous odours where the appropriate timed dosage can be set to remove the unwanted odour.

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