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How to Use PowAir

How to Use PowAir Effectively  – The Secrets of How to Use PowAir Effectively

 powair logoIf you have used PowAir before you will no doubt be aware of the power of the product and it’s ability to remove odours from the air. However it is often the case that the consumer does not know how to use the products effectively, often by using more of the product than is necessary or by not dispersing the product effectively. If you need to understand better how to use PowAir more efficiently then read the hints and tips below to get the most out of your product.

PowAir is a true odour neutraliser, seeking attacking and destroying odourous molecules that are present in the air.

In order to get complete neutralisation, you need to make sure enough product is dispersed into the air. The more odour there is the more PowAir odour neutraliser will be required. If the strength of the PowAir needs to be increased then you need to increase the surface area exposure. Another way to increase the contact of the PowAir particles with the odour particles is to use the sprays or  the fan-type dispensers. If you can smell the odour increase the exposure and evaporation of PowAir.


How to use PowAir Gel Efficiently

PowAir BreezePowAir Gel is our most popular product and is practical for almost any odour problems. However to get the most out of your Gel you should read these tips on how to use Gel most effectively.

The simplest way to use PowAir gel is to just remove the lid and leave it around the infected area to naturally evaporate and disperse through the air. This is fine if you only have one area that needs treatment, however if there is a large area that needs to be neutralised then you will need a way to disperse the Gel further throughout the affected area. There are a few ways that this can be achieved:

The first is to use one of our excellent fan-type dispensers that will greatly increase the distribution of the PowAir. The Breeze fan is designed to fit on the 1 and 4 litre Gel products, and the PowAir Cyclone fan is designed to go on the 20 litre pails. These fans sit snug on the top of the container and have a number of fan settings to suit your needs, simply switch on and let the fans take care of the rest. You should be aware though that if you are going to be using a fan type dispenser to increase the distribution, this will result in a much quicker rate of consumption and the fan speeds should be regulated accordingly.

Another way to increase the dispersion of the product is to increase the surface area of the product, and this can be achieved by splitting the Gel into smaller vessels and distributing these throughout the effected area. Once the Gel has all evaporated just top the vessels back up with more product.

Sometimes the problem can be that you are using more PowAir Gel than necessary and you need to decrease the amount that is being dispersed. This can be achieved by placing a smaller amount into a container and sealing the rest until the next time it needs to be used. Another way this can be achieved is to drill small holes into the lid of the Gel meaning less air contact and less PowAir distribution.


How to Use PowAir Block Efficiently

PowAir Block Tropical BreezePowAir Blocks are our most popular product for use in small enclosed areas.

All you need to do is remove the lid and expose the wax block, because the block is solid you do not need to worry about knocking it over and can be left wherever you want to neutralise odours. If you need to increase the exposure of the PowAir then you can remove the wax block from the plastic casing, or to increase the surface area further still you can grate some of the wax block into a bowl.

If you need to decrease the exposure of the wax block then small holes can be drilled into the lid to regulate the amount of air contact and ultimately dispersion of product.

PowAir Spray Passion Fruit

How to Use PowAir Spray Efficiently

PowAir Spray is often the most popular product amongst pet owners. Due to the non toxic properties they are safe to use around pets.

The PowAir spray is a simple pump spray disperser, spraying a fine mist of PowAir into the air. The product can be sprayed directly into the air where the odour problem is, or it can also be sprayed direct onto fabrics if required.


How to use PowAir Mist Efficiently

PowAir MistPowAir Mist is an odour neutraliser in aerosol form, with a burst of PowAir being released into the air when the nozzle is pressed. The dispersion of this product is greater than the PowAir Spray due to the gas pressurised dispersion and fine spray it creates. The product can be used much the same as the spray, with the can being used only when required and sprayed into the air in the infected area.

However if more continuous odour problems exist we have the PowAir Mist dispenser which the Mist sits inside and delivers a burst of PowAir at regular, set intervals. The Mist dispenser has 3 programmable time intervals and can be set to operate in night/day or 24 hour modes.